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22 June 2015 @ 09:54 pm
"For the Moment" (Fic, Sam/Dean, NC-17)  
Title: For the Moment
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1,798
Author: sakura_no_mi
Timeframe: Pre-series
Warnings: underage, schmoop, angst, masturbation, voyeurism
Summary: Written for this prompt at spnkink_meme: Sam/Dean, masturbation, voyeurism. Just a simple request- Sam jerking off, using a pair of underwear that Dean's worn. Dean catching him at it and watching. If anything further happens, that's up to you. Almost any other kind of kink is fine by me. Or you can keep it to the basic scenario.

There are moments which mark your life.
Moments when you realize nothing will ever be the same
and time is divided into two parts -
before this, and after this.

The cabin is quiet when Dean gets there – one of his favorite things about living out here in the middle of nowhere. His muscles ache from today’s hunt which – in all fairness – could’ve gone so much worse. But still, all he wants to do is relax, maybe watch a movie and unwind before going to bed so he can do it all over again tomorrow. Sure, he’s young but there’s no denying that he’s something of a prodigy already – especially since he’s being trained under Dad’s watch.

The door to the bedroom is slightly ajar, just a thin sliver of light spilling onto the hardwood floor in the living room. It’s not that late, but Dean still hesitates for a moment, not wanting to wake his brother if Sam is already asleep. A muffled moan stops him dead in his tracks and he instinctively steps away, pressing his back against the door to listen for a few more moments.

Maybe Sam isn’t alone. Maybe he brought a girl – or guy? – home with him after school and they’re –

“Dean… Oh- God, yeah…”

Heart hammering madly behind his ribs, Dean presses his lips together and lets his eyes fall shut, forcing himself not to acknowledge the sudden, raging hard-on pressing against his own zipper.

“Please Dean…”

It’s a natural reaction really – hearing anyone whimper his name like that would probably get him going. It’s just biology. It has nothing to do with the fact that it’s Sam – his sweet, earnest, innocent Sammy with his trusting hazel-green eyes and soft, pretty-pink lips. Dean knows he’ll hate himself for it, but he can’t stop himself from peeking around the edge of the door, unconsciously holding his breath in anticipation.

What he sees certainly does not disappoint.

Sam is spread out on the bed, completely nude and clutching a pair of crumpled up boxer-briefs in one fist and his dick in the other. His eyes are closed and his bottom lip is caught firmly between his teeth as he strokes his cock a few times, sure and steady like he’s been doing this for hours, like he set this maddeningly slow pace on purpose. The thought sends a violent tremor of arousal racing down Dean’s spine and his hand drops down to palm at his own crotch, to gently squeeze the stiff flesh trapped in his jeans.

Sam stops for a moment, his attention now focused on the underwear in his hand, which after a split-second Dean realizes are actually his. The thought is both mortifying and thrillingly arousing, but Dean doesn’t have much time to ponder how he feels about this before Sam brings the briefs up to his face and inhales deeply, burying his nose in the cotton and humming softly in appreciation. He keeps his other hand pressed to the mattress at his side as he brings the briefs down lower, slowly dragging it over his chest and torso, then over and around his erection before setting it aside again.

It’s not like Dean ever thinks about his little brother jerking off – figured he did it of course, like every other teenager does – but he had no idea it would be this fucking hot to watch him. He keeps his eyes focused intently on Sam as the teen refocuses on his cock again, squeezing around the base with one hand and using the other to swirl his fingertips through the pre-come leaking from the swollen tip. Dean’s mouth waters at the sight of it – all dark and blood-thick with arousal, wider around the crown and curved slightly upward toward his flat belly. He’s seen Sam naked before obviously, but never ever like this.

Smearing the slippery-wet liquid over his shaft, Sam starts to stroke himself again – slow and unhurried, using his other hand to gently tease his balls as he continues on. Dean blinks hard and forces himself to breathe despite forgetting how to sometime during the last few seconds. He hesitates for just a moment before shoving his hand down the front of his jeans and briefs, sighing softly in relief at the friction of his own touch against his hard, aching dick.

Dean watches keenly as Sam draws his knees up close to his body, spreading his legs and planting his feet firmly on the mattress. The position leaves nothing to the imagination, giving Dean a full view of Sam’s smooth, hairless balls and the tiny puckered hole just behind them. He has to bite back a gasp when Sam hurriedly spits into his hand and then ventures further down to circle his fingertips over his asshole, teasing and prodding with practiced ease, like this isn’t the first time he’s done it.

Clearly, it isn’t.

The lean muscles in his chest ripple and flex with the strain as Sam pushes in deeper, dipping the tip of his index finger passed the tight ring of muscle. He moans again, his eyes slamming shut and his brow furrowing as his other hand instinctively wraps around his erection and begins to move again. Dean presses his lips together hard and starts to stroke himself too, mirroring his brother’s smooth, steady strokes. Sam’s technique is startlingly similar to Dean’s own, which says a lot about them – cut from the same cloth, same blood running through their veins, same veiled desires burning deep inside.

Sam is fucking beautiful – there’s no denying it – even like this, with his face and chest gleaming with perspiration and his cheeks stained pink with exertion. He’s moving faster now, the sound of the rhythmic slide of skin against skin nearly hypnotic as he continues to jerk himself off. Dean holds his breath, completely captivated as Sam suddenly arches up off of the bed and a harsh groan tears from his throat, his hands stilling for a split-second as the first spurt of his release shoots over his torso. The intense pleasure ripples through his body like a tidal wave, spurt after spurt of come splattering onto his stomach until the pulses slow to dribbles over his clenched fist.

Dean can’t help smiling faintly as his brother sighs deeply in contentment, boneless and sated as he relaxes, every bit of tension in his body completely gone. Dean is still rock hard and nearly dizzy with arousal, but he still takes a moment to just watch his little brother bask in the afterglow of the pleasure he so rightfully deserves. Intending to head back toward the front door and make a much louder event of his arrival so that Sam has time to get dressed, Dean turns and promptly bumps hard into one of the end-tables in the living room, its wooden legs scraping loudly as it slides a few inches across the floor.

“Heya Sammy, it’s me,” he hurriedly calls out. If he knows his brother at all, by now Sam has probably already-

“Dean?” Sam frowns. “Jesus Christ, you scared me.” He’s standing there in the doorway in nothing but Dean’s black boxer-briefs, holding a revolver loosely at his side.

“Sorry,” Dean mumbles, suddenly unable to raise his eyes to meet his brother’s questioning gaze. “I didn’t mean to- uh. I mean, I just got home. I thought you might’ve been asleep and I didn’t wanna wake you.”

Obviously Sam knows he’s lying – because Sam always knows – but maybe this will just be one of those times they silently agree to pretend everything is okay. With the life they’ve lived, it’s happened more times than Dean can count and it’s always worked for them before. Dean finally lifts his gaze and gives his brother a small, pleading smile despite the thick and unyielding tension hanging heavily in the air between them.

“I- I wasn’t asleep yet,” Sam finally stammers, vague yet painfully unambiguous all the same. “Do you wanna maybe hang out and watch some TV before bed?”

“That sounds great,” Dean grins, inwardly breathing a sigh of relief. “Lemme just go wash up first.”

Dean can barely get the bathroom door shut and locked behind him before he’s tearing open his jeans and dragging the zipper down, shoving the waist of his briefs down to hurriedly wrap his fist tight around his erection again. He strokes himself hard and fast, focused on the finish line more than anything else, his cock and balls aching for release. Still, when he closes his eyes and leans back against the door, all he can see is Sam’s beautiful face and his slender fingers moving and working over hard, blood-thick flesh.

He doesn’t mean to – or maybe he does – but Dean doesn’t bother to choke back the moan that bubbles up from his own throat when he comes. Pleasure racing up and down his spine like lightning, he cries out his brother’s name, his release spilling onto the tiled floor beneath his feet, over and over again as he milks out every last drop. He finally lets go of his softening flesh when the sensation becomes too much and a small but powerful aftershock trembles through him.

Dean wants more than anything to go to his brother right now, to wrap his arms tight around him and kiss those petal-soft lips, tell him that he doesn’t have to be ashamed for what he feels – what they both feel. But he can’t – definitely not now, maybe not ever. He’s on auto-pilot as he cleans up the mess he made and washes his hands and face, purposely avoiding his own reflection in front of him as he hurriedly swipes a towel over his face.

Sam is curled up on the couch when Dean gets there, and he doesn’t immediately move over to crowd Dean’s space like he usually does. That hurts more than anything else – this sudden, undeniable uncertainty between them – and for the first time tonight, regret hits him like a slap to the face. Dean keeps his eyes focused straight ahead on the television screen even though none of the images really register in his brain and his heart is literally starting to ache in his chest.

But just a few moments later, Sam scoots over and settles down against the curve of Dean’s side, turning his head to bury his face in Dean’s neck. Dean instinctively pulls him close, turning to press a kiss to the top of his head, relief washing over him in waves. He inhales deeply into the soft, silky strands, taking comfort in the sweet, familiar scent.

“This won’t ever change,” Dean says softly.

“What won’t?”

“This. Us,” he quietly clarifies. “You’ll always be the most important to me. No matter what.”

Sam nods but doesn’t say anything else, just snuggles down further into Dean’s embrace until the rest of the world falls away and everything truly is right again – even if just for the moment.
twnchesterangeltwnchesterangel on June 23rd, 2015 11:59 am (UTC)
Ahhhhhhh!!! Ok, this was BEAUTIFUL to read over breakfast. Heehee Seriously, I can't tell you how much I love your weecest. And Dean is sooooo right. This doesn't ever change. Sam always was and still is the most important to him. Thank you for this hot sweetness. Best thing ever to wake up to. *hugs*
Sakurasakura_no_mi on June 25th, 2015 07:22 am (UTC)
Thank you, bb! Nothing like good ol' fashioned porn in the morn, right? Hehe! Anyway, so happy to hear you enjoyed this <3
imaginecoolname: Dean/Samimaginecoolname on June 23rd, 2015 06:15 pm (UTC)
This was absolutely gorgeous, sweetie, not to mention incredibly hot! :) As always, I missed your writing and was so happy to find this in my inbox tonight - makes everything so much better. *happy sigh*

BTW, I also miss my regular dose of your RP, are you guys taking a break with that? I hope you and Sabrina are both doing OK?

Anyway, thanks so much for this, hon! *hugs*
Sakurasakura_no_mi on June 25th, 2015 07:26 am (UTC)
Aw, thank you so very much! I'm glad to hear you liked it... I definitely enjoyed writing it :)

I had no idea anyone was still reading our RP, hehe. Sabrina is just taking a break from the internet for a bit but we'll get back to it soon enough <3
imaginecoolname: Coolerimaginecoolname on June 25th, 2015 05:31 pm (UTC)
Oh, I'm definitely still reading and loving it! Couldn't do without it. ;) So I'm glad to hear you'll go back to it at some point. Take your time, though, sometimes it's probably good to take a break from the interwebs for a while... Much love to you both, hon! ♥
peepingdrupeepingdru on June 23rd, 2015 09:26 pm (UTC)
Sakurasakura_no_mi on June 25th, 2015 07:26 am (UTC)
Thank you, bb!!
Kate: <chibi sam & dean>equally_dour on June 27th, 2015 10:46 am (UTC)
so lovely!
Sakurasakura_no_mi on June 30th, 2015 08:00 am (UTC)
Thank you! <3